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hi, yeah, its me lol. thanx soo much for the adress, itl be very useful! the pics of you came out really well, thanx again for letting me photograph you! i loved the outfit you were wearing, and its soo cool that u make ur own clothes. i wuld if i had the time. i have piles of material just waiting to be sown.... *sighs*

c u in the chi sometime prob. thanx agen!

You are now added luffy, hope you don't get too bored reading my shizz ;D If you need anymore help, I'll see if I can find some more links XDD Good luck! See you soon xxx
Hi you. Was tryin to get hold of you about something recently but am finding it really difficult. Are you still alive?
PS I know I left this on your other one but being a dope I didnt knnow about this one till after =P
Are you still around? Sorry just moved into a new house... Whats up? x
Yep still in glorious Chi. Are you?
Wheres your new house at and is it nice?
Not much just wondered if you felt like getting a drink or something and having a catch up chat as i havent seen you in bout a year and a half lol ~x~
Can do yeah! Just moved in to me new house in Headingley (which is a burb of Leeds) with three other uni mates. It's dead cool. Will be back down in Chi next Friday actually (the 17th) if maybe you wanted to catch up? Can't be out too late though, am travelling to Ireland on saturday at like 4 in the morning ;_; x